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The Digital Identity for Music Makers

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The Creative Passport is a verified digital ID for MUSIC MAKERS,  where they can ACCESS, UPDATE AND MANAGE information about themselves and their works, and share it with others.

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Are you a Musician, Artist, Engineer, Composer, Producer, Manager? Or all of the above? Find out how The Creative Passport will enhance your professional career. 

Are you a Label, Collection Society, Publisher, Distributor? Read more about how The Creative Passport will benefit both your business and your clients

Are you a streaming platform, music provider or any form of music service that holds Artists’ profiles and assets – find out how The Creative Passport comes in place.

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UNIQUE verified log-in to access Music Services. SHARE validated profile information with Industry Partners & MANAGE different services in ONE Place. PUBLISH your public profile. SEARCH for other music makers.

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Quote Imogen Heap – Redesign launch November 2023

Full Statement from Imogen Heap ” 8 years ago, Carlotta and I met at the hack weekend I hosted for a new song release, Tiny Human where we explored new possibilities in distribution and payment mechanisms in light of blockchain technology. One of the outcomes was Tiny Human becoming the first song ever to use…


IT HAPPENED TO EMINEM, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU – a blog post by Creative Passport Ambassador Melanie Lane – Last August, one of the most shocking and impressive lawsuits about music rights came out. This was Eight Mile Style LLC and Martin Affiliated LLC v. Spotify USA Inc. While this headline was big news, sort…

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