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The Creative Passport is a verified digital ID for MUSIC MAKERS,  where they can ACCESS, UPDATE AND MANAGE information about themselves and their works, and share it with others.

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How The Creative Passport works for you

Are you a Musician, Artist, Engineer, Composer, Producer, Manager? Or all of the above? Find out how The Creative Passport will enhance your professional career. 

Are you a Label, Collection Society, Publisher, Distributor? Read more about how The Creative Passport will benefit both your business and your clients

Are you a streaming platform, music provider or any form of music service that holds Artists’ profiles and assets – find out how The Creative Passport comes in place.

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UNIQUE verified log-in to access Music Services. SHARE validated profile information with Industry Partners & MANAGE different services in ONE Place. PUBLISH your public profile. SEARCH for other music makers.

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Industry updates & More

Update February 26th – New Interface Design

Dear Music Makers,    Happy Friday! This week, we have completely redesigned the app interface, to make it easier to navigate between the different sections and easier to find your way through.  Check it out by logging into your Creative Passport. You’ll find a sleek sidebar that is expandable which gives you direct access to…

Update February 19th

Dear Music Makers,    Happy Friday! We’re making your wishes come true! This week we tackled one of the requests coming from our community – to make the official links clickable within your public pages of The Creative Passport! So whenever you navigate to the section ‘Official Links’, you can now check them out straight…

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