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Carlotta De Ninni


Carlotta has a background in audio engineering. She has been involved in many projects regarding the implementation of blockchain technology in the music industry. She has been working with Imogen Heap as Head of Research and Operations for Mycelia, where she specialised in music copyright and licensing, blockchain technology, smart contracts and AR/VR. She then moved on to take the lead on one of the big projects, The Creative Passport, where she is currently holding the position of CEO.

Imogen Heap


Imogen has an insatiable appetite and energy to create, collaborate, connect and share ideas in and around music and tech.

With 20 plus years experience as a professional musician, producer and composer, Heap has been signed to indies and majors but now chooses to experiment with new releases when the whim takes her, through her own label, Megaphonic.

Ten years glover, five years musical mama.

Often heard giving a much needed positive outlook on the future of music makers!

Mark Simpkins


Mark is a technologist by background, having worked for over 20 years with digital technologies in media, security and academia. He has recently been working on IoT, machine learning and AI and blockchain projects. As a part of The Creative Passport team he is developing and managing the technical roadmap and delivery plans to bring The Creative Passports vision both to life and to market.

Jules Herd

Brand & Communications

Founder of www.fiveinaboat, Jules is a seasoned communications expert with 19 years-experience in the field. With previous roles including Global Vice President of Communications for both Deezer and HTC, Jules is now helping The Creative Passport team with strategic consultancy, brand building and is responsible for all press activities. When not helping The Creative Passport, she is supporting other music and technology clients help grow their business through communications.

Awsa Bergstrom

Artist Liasion

Awsa is a singer, songwriter and backing vocalist. A chance introduction to a network of Silicon Valley VCs and entrepreneurs brought her focus to Blockchain and she was elated to find Imogen leading the trail for reinventing the music industry in the tech space. When not writing or gigging, Awsa also works as a connector and business advisor to start ups, including her own little human “start up” who is almost three years old.

Mahtab Ghamsari

Software Engineer

Mahtab is an engineer, entrepreneur and music enthusiast with a keen interest in how people interact with the digital world through simple designs. Her previous experience includes working with Hypersurfaces, a company specialising in interaction through simple objects and founding VRSUS, a creative application for capturing live music in Virtual Reality and re-creating the concert experience. Other projects have involved pipelines for machine learning, concert recommendation tools, integrations for online advertising and various small web projects. Mahtab studied Systems Design and HCI in the context of music. Her MA thesis presented methods and studies used in mapping live performance (human) gestures to sound in digital musical instruments. 

Kathi Geiger

Project & Marketing Manager

Kathi has a background in Digital Marketing, Marketing Consultancy and Business Development in Corporate and Creative Industries. She has been developing websites, managed paid as well as organic Social Activity for tech, insurance and design companies. She is working across disciplines for everything Team Heap related. As part of the MI·MU Team she takes care of Social Media, Customer Relationship, Hardware Technologies and Marketing Strategies. For Imogen she’s working on Tour Management, Websites and Social Media. As part of the Creative Passport Team Kathi is developing Marketing and Social Media strategies and execution as well as Websites. 

Andy Carne

Head of Design

A Grammy Nominated, multi-disciplined creative and technologist, working primarily with musicians and the music industry. Following 20 years Art Directing album campaigns with globally acclaimed artists (Foo Fighters, Imogen Heap, Mike Oldfield), Andy has now dedicated his primary creative focus to the future of music engagement and is Founder of upcoming immersive visual music platform, Streemliner.
Andy and Imogen have collaborated on multiple creative projects over the last decade, including Mycelia, Streemliner and the multi-nominated boxset for her 2014 release, Sparks.

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