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All your feeds in one place

Tired of having your social media activity fragmented between different platforms?

Welcome to the Artist Hub! 

The Artist Hub is an open pwa (progressive web app) that allows you to connect several data sources (namely, your SoMe profiles) and display their feeds all in the same global wall, arranged in a chronological order. 

It uses the ActivityPub protocol to ensure scalability and interoperability through several open source & federated social media platforms. 
We believe and foster a new way of conceiving social media, users interaction, democracy and fairness within the internet itself.

Easier done than said


Create as many pages as you wish and have full control over the information you display


For each page you can add as many sources as you want to gather your content from


Let your fans enjoy your social activity in one unique global wall whenever they want

Name an *open source* social media we support it.

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We strongly believe in a more democratic and fair internet. That’s why we try our best to bring it all together and available to a wider audience

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The Artist Hub is the result of the joint effort between The Creative Passport, a PWA to allow music makers to create their verified digital ID, and NLNet foundation, which supports independent organizations and people that contribute to an open information society.


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