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Dear Creative Passport Community, 

Happy New Year! And to celebrate we are kicking off our first blog post of the year with the announcement of new features and some exciting updates to the team

Firstly we are thrilled to announce that Richard Strand will be taking over as tech lead of The Creative Passport supported by Mahtab Ghamsari as Product Manager.

Secondly, we have made changes to the Map (in which we now proudly represent 453 users in 49 different countries) adding helpful buttons which lead you directly to the website or app. This enables you to see both the newest 50 users and all other users through clicking on ‘load more’. Check yourself out here:

Thirdly, within the app we now have a ‘Help’ section with contacts you directly to our support team.

Finally, our tech team, Mahtab and Richard, will provide tech support in an audio channel (#live-tech-talk) on Discord every Tuesday from 5pm – 6pm UK time, answering your questions directly.

That’s all for now! We’ll be back soon with more updates and new features for you to test out! 

Thanks as always for your support.
The Creative Passport Team