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The Creative Passport is joining Utopia

We are sure you have questions, so here is a Q&A for you

Utopia is a relatively new and fast growing company with offices worldwide and headquarters  in London, Switzerland, New York and Stockholm. Their mission – to improve the music industry through clear, transparent and reliable data-based solutions – like we are!, and their slogan-  Fair Pay for Every Play – really resonates with us here at The Creative Passport. We are thrilled to join forces with them for the future. 

When the idea of The Creative Passport was first born some four years ago, our first approach was to see if we could team up with an existing tech company and build the Creative Passport together. Everybody we presented the idea to loved it, however as time went on we decided to go ahead and start building the Creative Passport ourselves. But we have struggled to fundraise and grow at a productive pace and joining a company like Utopia is a dream come true for us.

You still have the same rights around your data as when you signed up to The Creative Passport. Utopia will never own and as a result cannot and will not trade, monetise or give away your data. They will simply store it so you can manage and control it – if you will let them (log into your Creative Passport to find out more)

If you are happy to join Utopia with us, you will need to log in to your passport and take the necessary steps in order to allow Utopia to store your data (accepting their terms and conditions). You need to do this within a month so that your passport doesn’t become inactive. We will send you a few reminders – don’t worry. If you haven’t done this within a month from receiving the announcement email, your account will be deleted. You can request a copy of your data prior to deletion if you prefer. 

The biggest change we hope to make is that of improvements! We will soon reveal a huge makeover and – what we feel – is a massive improvement to the user experience of the Creative Passport web app. Our mission stays the same: to be the leading verified digital ID for music makers and the one place we can upload, access and manage information about ourselves and our work as well as share it with, and be found by, others. 


The Creative Passport will remain free for users as we focus on increasing the integration with third party services and YOU remain in control of your own data – just like when you signed up to the Creative Passport. 

The whole team as you know it will join in the same capacity as it is now. And thanks to Utopia we will be able to expand the team and thus our operational capacity to get things done. Exciting times ahead! 

The Creative Passport Ambassadors make up a very important and highly valued community that we have been privileged to draw information, skills and feedback from since we launched. We recognise that our silence the last 8 months has been an odd one and it has been hard for many of you to contribute and feel part of the movement many of you were excited to join. You will all receive a letter in the next couple of weeks where you can choose to either extend the Ambassadorship with 6 months or say your goodbyes at this junction. We will be grateful whatever you choose. 

The Creative Passport Discord channel for users who have a Creative Passport will remain as it is for now. Interaction with our community has been integral to our development  and we will continue to improve our engagement with them as we grow. 

No. We have deliberately designed it to be a free service for music makers. It may be that we decide to add some additional features in the future for which we will charge a nominal sum, however the core functionalities of the platform will remain free of charge.

To access The Creative Passport, you need to log on to

Our plan is to continue innovating so that we can deliver a fully-fledged service that meets the ongoing needs of the music maker and music services. Part of this will include working very closely with creatives in addition to growing the number of service providers which plug into the platform. We are also aiming to continue to grow our user base so that it becomes the recognized global digital identity standard for music makers.

And if this is still not answering your questions....

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