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Digital. Data. Identity. Done.

Digital has revolutionised music. The industry and the business of making music has forever changed. And with that change, new challenges: the biggest of which is the number of ways people interact with your work.
Between all the platforms from Spotify to Deezer to Apple Music to YouTube Music to journalists, bloggers and your collection society… it’s hard to keep track.
It’s easy to have information missing or unverified. Which affects your ability to get discovered and paid.
It’s common to have incorrect or incomplete or outdated summaries of your work, your career, your story which affects your ability to book new gigs. Or worse, make it impossible for new opportunities to connect with you. 
So we’ve started building a platform to solve this. Welcome to The Creative Passport.
It’s an admin – slash – networking – slash – connection platform. It’s the one place where you can input, update, manage and verify your information. And through our integration with industry partners (like PPL), Creative Passport makes sure that every place your work shows up, so do you. With genuine music maker information all in one place –  the connections, updates and opportunities we can make are endless. 
So sign up to the Creative Passport and join this movement for positive change to our industry today.  And then tell a colleague. And another colleague. The more of us music makers sign up to this beta version, The more we can be ready for existing and future music services, collection societies and labels to integrate with us, the sooner we can get back to making great music.

This change starts with us because nobody else will do it for us. 
The Creative Passport is founded by Music Makers for Music Makers.