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It’s complicated. 

As a founder, Imogen firmly believes that The Creative Passport should be a not-for-profit for a number of reasons; the ownership of our data being a central part of this belief. Note that not-for-profit doesn’t necessarily mean free-of-charge to the end user – but simply a business where any profit made gets ploughed directly back into the company. This means all monies generated fund the advancement of the platform -and thereby the experience of the music makers- rather than deepening the pockets of its directors or investors. (Not-for-profit is not to be confused with a charity structure, which is a whole other ballgame and would not serve us)


It is very much our ambition to stick to this – however we need capital to create and grow the platform in the first place. In most circumstances the obvious solution would be a traditional business structure, where investors own a share of the company. But this means they would also own our data  –a serious problem for a company founded on the principle of music-makers owning and controlling their own data. We have explored various other business structures –if anyone has ideas we would love to hear from you

Yes it will, however we don’t have a clear objective for the Hackathon yet and won’t have until we complete the two AI projects we are currently working on and are not at liberty to discuss. Once we have a clear objective and the space to focus on this we would love if anyone is able to run a parallel Hackathon to see what comes from that. We don’t have the means to fund this but are open to collaborating with sponsors: please email with suggestions and if you are interested in participating and / or helping. 

In a word: no. Trying to bring the music world together is an enormous task in and of itself and we have to focus on what we know. Those in other industries will be more informed than us as to what their issues with data are – and therefore much better equipped to build their solutions.

There have been suggestions of a Creative Passport ‘workforce’ made up of music makers who are also coders, developers and marketeers. Besides the challenges of managing this, and ensuring meaningful and productive development at pace, we don’t believe in music makers working for free. Instead – in order to develop and deliver a product that will serve us all – we need money to recruit experienced full stack developers, project managers and a comms team to start with.

All we have spoken to thus far – from PRS to ASCAP – have responded with great interest and enthusiasm. They see how The Creative Passport will benefit the entire music business eco-system and their issues – our issues – in particular. However our small scale operation has prevented them from taking the next step, which is the actual integration. This is the part that costs money and, as we don’t have the user numbers yet, they feel it is currently too much of a risk to take.

There are international standardisations of data, however most are linked to specific pieces of music. For enriched data – like your biography or personal information – we have not found any standardisation.

Not at the moment, but once we’ve launched our redesign we will have one with a view to share with potential partners or investors . Your best product deck at the moment is your own Creative Passport made public.

The best tool for a personal, or group, presentation – particularly to encourage sign ups – is your own populated Creative Passport made public. The power of someone who does the same as you already, using a tool they are enthusiastic about, is the best marketing tool out there. Talk someone through how you signed up, the choices you made when filling in the different sections and how and when you use it.

Some Ambassadors have used our logo, but a link to your own public Creative Passport is again the best too. If you want a CP branded Ambassador picture, please reach out to

There is already a link section in the public page of the Creative Passport. You can add as many links as you want  to that page.

We really need two things:

  • Money
  • A large sign up number (upwards of 10k) 

Anything you can do to aid us in these endeavours is much appreciated. 

In terms of introductions to, for example, heads of music schools or departments interested in learning about the Creative Passport in order to get students signing up, we encourage you to continue to be the link between us and them and aid them in what they need. As we have limited resources this is the very best help. If you have a person in mind here and aren’t sure of how to approach/what to do, please email and talk it through. 

Yes, as soon as it’s done we will send a link to all Ambassadors so you can test it and, crucially, provide us with feedback before we launch.

At the moment we don’t have the means to pursue new partners and integrations, but ideas are always welcome: particularly if you’re able to continue to be the link between us and aid any process subsequent to introduction. As we have limited resources this is the very best help.