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The best, the fastest and the easiest way to get your profile information as an artist validated and linked to others. Why should you care? Because think of all of the creative and commercial opportunities that you are missing out on as a result of people not knowing who you are, what you’ve achieved and where you’re based. 

Connecting your verified digital ID to an online tool that manages all of your personal data at the touch of a button. What could be simpler?

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My Creative Passport

The Creative Passport is a verified digital ID that allows you to update, manage and control all information about yourself and your works. Push updated profile information into other music services, Pull and visualise relevant information from your representatives and services you use in your dashboard. All in one place. The goal is to become your unique login solution to music services. No more multiple profiles to keep updated, and passwords to remember!

My Public Profile

By simply entering information about yourself as a music maker, within seconds you will have all of your data, verified, in one place. It doesn’t matter how you input your data as it will automatically be standardised, enabling a much smoother interaction between you, music services, and the broader industry. Decide what to keep private, and what to make public. Like an EPK generator. Share your public profile as a web link or PDF.

Profile Map

We know that connecting to other music makers is important to you, so we have created an interactive map that allows you to do just that. Providing that other music makers make their location public, you will be able to see, in real time, new artists signing up to the Creative Passport. The map also allows you to search for other music makers and to find out more information about themselves based on their public profile. Find your next collaborator!

My Tech

To verify your profile, you can link your Creative Passport to a government ID. A second verification is provided using a two-factor authentication process of your industry identifiers (IPI, IPN, ISNI) with your representatives. If you are a fully independent music maker... never mind! You can self-verify your profile using peer to peer QR code scanning.
Scan your music makers friends and/or collaborators QR codes and define your relationship!


If you are a manager / mgmt company, you will be able to control multiple Creative Passports at the same time in the New Manager Portal. Music makers will give you different levels of permission to visualise and/or edit their Creative Passport Information on their behalf

Coming Soon... BAND ID

As Creative Passports are for individuals only, with the Band ID it will be possible to manage information of a band and/or orchestra, define relationships between active and former members and link it back to the personal Creative Passports

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