Help Us Building The Creative Passport

On December 9th 2020 we reached the first Milestone! We released the Open Beta Version of The Creative Passport.

It is free to use for Music Makers, and there is a lot still to be achieved before arriving at a commercial stage generating revenue! 

If you want to help us please donate! Every little helps 🙂


£ 1 k
Team per month
£ 1 k
Chat Function
£ 1 k
Promo Video
£ 1 k
Research portal


Over the years we have received different Donations/Grants that helped us conducting research, organising workshop/events, and fund tech development:


Our monthly running costs vary according to the number of days our team works. This is a list of current monthly costs (running at full capacity)… in case you want to donate a month of…

Full Team Costs

The full team costs and expenses including tech, Marketing, Admin, Business Development etc. is £25k per month

Full Stack Developer

One Software Engineer or Full Stack Developer costs £5k per month on full-time. This is an average of £250 per day.

Marketing & PR

Our Marketing and PR costs, which don't include paid marketing, are running at £3.5k per month.

If you want to know more about our team costs and how to help drop us a line at


As we go on with the development, we will add further features based on the users and Ambassador’s feedback. We will update this list as we go with further details:

Secure chat function

Building an encrypted chat functionality between passport holders: EUR 50k (ongoing with NLNet-NGI funds)


Creating a promotional video for The Creative Passport: £5k

Research portal

Building and developing a research portal with various functionalities: £50k

More Features

- Further data categories
- Band ID
- Importing credits/adding credits categories
- Integration with third party services
- Manager’s portal/admin access

If you want to know more about about future features and how to help drop us a line at